Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joke about Pelosi's Possible Untimely Death Draws Democrat Howls

Bobby Bright, an apparently party-less U.S. politician often seen cavorting with Democrats, engaged in some eye-raising black humor regarding Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a Montgomery City, Alabama breakfast called "Eggs and Issues." Democrats scrambled to condemn Bright for the following comments, which are summarized on a local website:

U.S. Congressman Bobby Bright was heard having a little fun at U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's expense during his recent participation in the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce's Eggs and Issues.

Bright, who is is in his first year in Congress and facing a battle against Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby this fall, joked that Pelosi might lose her own election, decide not to run for the speaker’s job or otherwise not be available.

He suggested, jokingly he insisted to his audience, that Pelosi could fall ill and die in coming months. That remark drew laughter from the crowd.

The ironically named Bright voted for Pelosi for Speaker, but now is apparently throwing eggs at her from the gallery to pose as an outsider candidate. Anything to stay on the gravy train, right?

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