Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Ad Pitches Eco-fascist Comedy

This "green" Audi advertisement ran during the Super Bowl this year, and needless to say, most people who saw it were not amused. Before the ad ran, I was discussing with a friend of mine his city's recent ordinance to separate recyclables or face a $1000 fine! My comment - soon they will be busting down your door to inspect your lightbulbs. Well, lo and behold, Audi illustrates my only slightly facetious statement on a nationwide commercial only minutes later! The people who saw the ad were disturbed by it and are now convinced not to buy Audis.

If this ad was someway of trying to make eco-fascism more palatable by portraying it as funny or absurd, nice try. What it showed instead is that the trend is very much heading that way, and the general threat is real.

3 comments: said...

Someone should remind Audi that they make a V10 supercar that gets 4mpg.

The environMENTALists will be burning down the factories momentarily.

Nora said...

dear dhoughton, esq.
Don't confuse these people with facts. Facts, to the left, are completely irrelevant.

James said...

4mpg! Hogwash!

Top Gear tested it RACING around their track and they got 5mpg. Probably gets at least 10 when you drive normally.

It's pretty green as supercars go.