Monday, February 8, 2010

We're All "Low-Profits" Now

In the United States, socialists are devising clever new ways to infiltrate and corrupt the capitalist economy. One of the most unusual is the development of a mutated non-profit organization, known as an L3C or "Low-Profit Limited Liability Corporation."

Non-profit organizations, as I can personally attest to, are socialist hotbeds that receive grant funding to sustain their operations without being taxed. "Low-profits" would be held to similar lenient rules of taxation as long as they promote the Marxist-statist transformational agenda.

One of the biggest umbrellas for these government outposts in the private sector is radical environmentalism, which does not seem to go away no matter what sane and scientifically literate Americans do. The size and scope of grants for environmental research and activism is now in the order of billions and increasing exponentially.

The creation of low-profit organizations is clearly designed to depress the economy by incentivizing mediocrity and limiting economies of scale, while smuggling social activism into the private sector. Who knew fascists could be so creative?

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