Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fallout from Duke Lacrosse Rape Case An Indictment of Academia, Journalism, and Racial Activism

Here is a recent story I'm sure will conveniently slip under the radar of your friendly neighborhood lamestream media outlet: "Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson."

The opening two paragraphs:

Durham police arrested Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Gale Mangum, 33, late Wednesday after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, set his clothes on fire in a bathtub and threatened to stab him.

Authorities charged her with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer.

She sounds like a real peach - not to give Ms. Mangum any ideas on future stripper names. Buried down in the ho-hum "nothing to see here" story are some choice quotes:

Mangum is the author of the memoir "Last Dance for Grace." She was a student at North Carolina Central University in 2006 and also worked as an exotic dancer when she performed at the now infamous Duke lacrosse party."

The infamous Duke Lacrosse party?  What is infamous is the way the media botched the reporting of story, leaping to the conclusion of guilt based solely on race.  More misleading and half-reporting:

"David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were indicted on rape and other charges on the basis of her allegations and were eventually exonerated after North Carolina's attorney general dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence."

It is true that the prosecutor Mike Nifong eventually exonerated the youths, but only after prosecuting a case based on heresy and making several egregiously misleading statements.  Nifong, who was up for re-election, apparently took the case due to its politically explosive implications. 

In case the lamestream media doesn't recall, the Duke academic community, left-wing journalists, and professional race-baiters lept to the opportunity to condemn young white students based on the flimsy testimony of a poor black stripper - err, exotic dancer.

The Paul Harvey rest of the story doesn't look so good for you race-traders on the left now, does it?  You character assassinate innocent people according to race and move on as if nothing happened.  But don't worry, drive-bys, we are checking up on you people, and let me tell you, yall don't look good.

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Reaganx said...

The Politically Correct dictionary:

exotic dancer-stripper
a representative of the weaker canine sex- fucking bitch
the lower-back orifice - asshole