Sunday, September 5, 2010

The U.S. Government Now Funding Mosques Abroad

The United States is now funding mosques abroad. Every red-blooded American take note of what happens when you cede the intellectual life of the republic and the culture to secular socialist progressives. If the left wants to radicalize and destroy America from within, it sure is pushing the right buttons.

In my opinion, the left wants to stoke a civil war in which it will seize power and establish a tyranny. Leftists believe that underneath the "facade" of peaceful Christian, middle-class America lay a racist, xenophobic, homophobic essence that will be exposed with enough prodding. They want to bring this supposed ugly aspect of America to the forefront by enraging Christians. That the masses have not erupted in reactionary violence baffles the left, and provokes overreaction to every hint of "bourgeois reaction" (recall the delusional drunk who stabbed a Muslim cabby a week or so ago). They pace the tea party with baited breath waiting for a racist utterance; and if none are forthcoming, they invent one for the purposes of smearing it.

The left believes in its heart of darkest hearts that Americans are the scourge of the planet, supposedly because the U.S. exploits the impoverished around the globe. No further examination of the nature of the U.S.' adversaries therefore is required; it is sufficient to know that Muslim radicals oppose America and thus are an implicit ally of the left. Today's left displays a reckless but systematic lack of judgment that belies their intent to destroy the U.S. and level the international relations landscape. Leftists believe they will be glorified in the post-Westphalian carnage and they will be canonized as saints of the new secular priesthood.

Yet the left is bereft of circumspection on exactly how the new world order will be erected. The left knows its project requires unlimited amounts of coercion, heretofore unprobed depths of moral depravity, and the sacrifice of blood in order to sanctify their mission. Since it has no concept on how to cause such a radical transformation, it philosophically denies causality. Since it has no grasp of how such a utopian vision can be established in reality, it denies reality.

If the left really knew how to better the world, it would do it through incremental reform. Instead, its petulant totalitarian drive obliterates all that is good, righteous, and just, as any one who surveys the left's record with an aim for the truth must admit. Leftists are mindless, nihilistic destroyers - nothing more, nothing less.

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