Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bill Will Come Due - For Us and Them

This isn't FDR on steroids. This is FDR on crack.

With millions of Americans out of work, and the economic pain growing, those remaining few of us who had any remaining hope that Obama was a well-intentioned but naive political newcomer with our nation's best interests at heart are about to become severely disappointed.

The propaganda machine has been out in full-force, but even that is not going to be able to save this regime from the glaring facts that it has botched this economy, and by all appearances, on purpose. With such early signals as "don't let a good crisis go to waste," followed by legislation establishing an eight hundred billion dollar slush fund, and then a tremendously expensive health care bill, the Democrats have shown themselves to be spendthrifts who govern unrestrained by fiscal sanity, moral decency, or even Constitutional authority.

The lines that "Obama saved us" from another great depression, "it would have been much worse," "here comes a double-dip recession" (or W-shaped recession), and that there ever was a "recovery" to begin with, are almost comical in their depths of falsehood. The Democrat party line being simultaneously that "those jobs may be gone forever" and "of course, it will take time to create jobs," is another example of the absurd message from the government and their cronies that we are expected to swallow. Never mind the fact that the government cannot "create jobs," only transfer them under its authority from the private sector. Such positions, since predicated on coercion (taxation), cease to be "jobs," but are more akin to indentured servitude, especially when alternatives in the private sector become exceedingly scarce due to government meddling.

But America has seen this all before. Under Hoover and FDR, government intervention made the economic situation much worse, and specifically, the actions of the Fed to curtail the money supply, combined with protectionist tariffs. In the 1970s, Keynesian theory was stood on its head with high inflation and high unemployment, known as stagflation. The Obama administration pursuing the same failed economic policies is not misguided, it is malicious. These people know exactly what they are doing. They are anti-capitalist radicals and they are behaving as such.

So look out America. Here comes the bill for the Democrats' reckless and destructive behavior.

Americans for Tax Reform has come out with a select list of some of the taxes coming our way, and it doesn't look pretty. Those people who are unable to connect the dots and trace them back to the government (rather than "capitalism" -the monolithic bogeyman of the left), are certainly going to notice the taxes that the Democrats are poised to stick us with. There will be no more excuses for Obama, and no more denial that he knows exactly what he is doing. The bill will come due - for us and them.

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