Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Snapshot of "Mainstream" America

We read and hear stories from the Mainstream Media (or MSM) about how the tea party is out of touch. But poll after poll, from a variety of sources, show that it is the so-called MSM that is on the fringe of America.

The following data should give the tea party movement hope that despite a well-orchestrated left-wing media campaign and indoctrination from K-12 and beyond the values and ideals this nation was founded on persist in the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans.

Conservatives Outnumber Liberals 2-1 (HuffPo)

The objection can be made that 35% of respondents were self-described "moderates." Let's flesh out these "moderates"by looking at the polling data on single issues (this also the best way to judge Obama's support, or rather, lack of it, on the issues):

1. National Healthcare

Americans Oppose Obamacare 56%-43% (CNN)

Favor Repeal of Health Care Law 58%-37%; 48% Strongly Favor Repeal (Rasmussen)

2. Illegal Immigration

Americans Favor Arizona's Law to Enforce Immigration Law 55%-40% (CNN)

Agree With Arizona's Law 74%-26% (CBS); 17% Say Measure Doesn't Go Far Enough

Oppose Feds' Lawsuit Against Arizona Over Immigration Law 59%-29% (FoxNews)

Arizonans Support State's new Immigration Law 70%-23% (Rasmussen)

3. National Security

Americans Oppose Closing Gitmo 2-1 (USAToday); Oppose Moving Terrorist Detainees to America 3-1

Opposed KSM Trial Being Held in NYC 2-1 (CNN); Six out of Ten Supported Military Tribunals

Americans Opposed Release of Lockerbie Bomber on "Compassionate Grounds" at 82% (FoxNews); Sixty-three percent followed news on Lockerbie bomber; Now it appears Obama administration preferred release of Lockerbie Bomber on compassionate grounds rather than extradition to Libyan prison, despite Obama climing that we were all "surprised, disappointed and angry" at the mass murderer's release

(I left out polling on wars because their support or opposition has ceased to be a left-right issue in my view, due to the seemingly half-hearted manner they are being waged by this administration)

4. Social Issues

Americans Oppose Same Sex Marriage 66%-25% (FoxNews)

Americans Pro-Life 47%-45 (*MOE +/- 4%); Support at Least Some Restrictions 59%-37% (Polling Report)

5. Economy

Americans Say Spending is Out of Control at Rate of 78% (FoxNews)

Americans Say Obama's Proposals on Economic Issues Call for Too Much Spending at  59%, including 66% of "Independents"; Too Much Government Expansion at 52%, with "Independents" at 60% (Gallup/USAToday)

Public Favors Reducing the Deficit to "Stimulus" Spending 51%-40 (Pew)

Americans Prefer Cutting Taxes to Increasing Government Spending to Create Jobs 59%-15 (Rasmussen) (This last poll cuts through the left's "noise" that most prefer government spending to create jobs - yeah, to unemployment.)

Such polls show that the tea party is truly in the mainstream. We can defeat the left, we need only to seize the mantle.

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