Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Left Sleeps as the State Prepares for War with Its Own People

This is how it begins.

Nations that take a hard left turn always seem baffled when the misery and destruction come like a thief in the night. The lazy, ignorant, and ideologically perverted, believing empty slogans like "Land, Bread, and Peace," wake up one day to find themselves deprived of all property, starving, and in a constant state of war - with other nations, against their own government, amongst each other, and even versus nature itself.

Such as it is that the leftists today do not even realize that the freedoms they so vocally and stridently espoused for so long - the social freedom to say and do whatever you want and the economic freedom not to have to maintain gainful employment - are about to be obliterated. These useful idiots will soon be astounded to find themselves in a full-fledged hostile police state and in a state of serfdom bound to the demands of the central government. "Comply or starve. Submit or face elimination," will be the government's constant refrain.

And when is all said and done, what will the leftists have rebelled against? A nation where forty hours of the worst employment one can find provides one with a standard of living higher than 95% of the world's population? (For those keeping count, forty hours is less than one-quarter of one's time spent in a week.) This is what we are supposed to be so damned mad about?

And what about America's imperialist foreign policy, you say? Like when we entered World War I to attempt to force a stalemate in continental Europe? Or when we were plunged into WWII by Japan, whom we roundly defeated and then rebuilt even stronger than before? Or when we helped defeat the Nazis and saved much of Europe from Nazi and Soviet domination? Or how about fighting for South Korea, which is a virtual paradise compared to its communist neighbor to the North? Or maybe Vietnam, which saw tens of thousands of people killed or made refugees when the North finally conquered the South? How about the Cold War, which saw the vilified Ronald Reagan proven correct about the internal moral and economic rot of the USSR once and for all? How about Saddam Hussein, a genocidal madman who personally oversaw rape and torture rooms, and who used wmds on his own people?

But of course, opposing the demonstrable evils of tyranny, communism, fascism, and the economic misery of socialism makes us belligerent warmongers out to conquer the world, correct? Good little Leninists take note that the warmongers in each case cited above were not advanced capitalist nations. And for further counterfactuals to the left's insipid little narrative, just ask the Canadians and Mexicans how unashamedly expansionist we are.

But with the totalitarian left, the hunger for a perfect world can never be sated. Increasing social and economic controls bring more pain and hardship, but that just means we're closer to system-wide meltdown and "liberation" from modernity. There won't be anarchy and chaos, folks, no; you see, for some magical reason a spontaneous new order will arise and we will all be "new" human beings and we will all love each other equally and there will be peace forever and ever. There will be peace - the peace that comes from the desolation of all that get in the way of the left's diabolical machine. And following the peace will come stagnation, societal and economic decay, alienation, apathy, and a ruling class entrenched above the whole tragic mess of it all.

This is the left's paradise in practice. This is the brave new world of Barack Obama and his ilk. This is the eerie "transformation" of America that the Democrats were talking about.

Soak it up, lefties. And don't say we didn't warn you.

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