Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Democrats' Hubris Must Be Punished

For those so-called "liberals" and progressive elites who seek to rule us by fraud or force, American citizens do not want to hear another word about "equality" or "democracy" ever again.

In one of the great ironies of history, the Democrat Party has shattered the myth that it has ever valued "democracy" (as dubious an ethic as that is to begin with) by defying the wishes of the majority of Americans with legislative pushes: On health care, immigration, cap and trade, the bailouts (the Congress under Bush), the "stimulus," the moratorium on oil drilling, card check, and so on and so on.

While those who consider themselves as part of "the ruling class" have constantly preached about equality and democracy, they have continually dismissed any objections to their schemes from whom they condescendingly refer to as "the masses."

The arrogance of the liberal elites is as openly unbounded as its vindictiveness and ridicule towards those Americans who have stood up for limited government, financial responsibility, and political accountability calling itself the "tea party movement."

When traditional Americans began organizing themselves for political action in spring of last year, they were branded as "racists" for opposing the socialistic program of the left that happened to be headed by an "African-American" president.

As the movement grew in influence, they were laughably typecast as "astro-turf" by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. But this was only a warm-up act by Madame Speaker. She would later compare the tea party movement to fascists - as if any fascist regime in history has advocated limited government, a Constitution, gun rights, private property, a free market, free speech, liberty, and all those other values that the majority of Americans in this center-right country believe in.

The essential point is that the smug self-described intellectuals of the left are so full of themselves and so removed from the viewpoint of most Americans that their policies now smack most as detached from reality, and their propaganda, downright cartoonish.

The tactics of the left have now worn thin, as has the patience of the American people. The supposed ethics those on the left have touted for years, no, decades: democracy, equality, support for "the little guy," have been exploded by an administration so corrupt, so Machiavellian, so willing to trample anyone that gets in its way, that the brand may have been damaged for Democrats beyond repair.

It is indeed in doubt whether any linguistic ruse, ala the shift from "progressive" to "liberal" to "progressive," can save the Democrats from permanent infamy. The leftists are Democrats and the Democrats are leftists. There is nowhere left to hide.

So what is the source of the Democrats' hubris?

We must remember that the Democrats are Marxists. They may be cultural Marxists, or neomarxists, but they are still Marxists. And as Marxists, they believe that economics determines political philosophy in the long-run.

In other words, if the Democrats destroy the capitalist "base," while they promote economic dependency on the Democrat party-run government, the "superstructure" of rationalizations for the capitalist system will vanish. Ethics will follow economics, so to speak.

The flaw in this master plan is that "there is no there there." Socialist economics are defunct; they lead to poverty and mass dissatisfaction. This is not good in an advanced capitalist country where the majority of Americans have been prosperous and free.

Socialism has been tried in economically backwards countries and in war-torn Europe (underwritten by American security), but we are entering unknown territory. The world has never seen a regime come to power that intends to economically destroy an advanced capitalist nation in its relative prime (a program begun in haste in the 1970s).

The Democrats seek to push this nation into the abyss, after blindfolding it with media propaganda and singing anthems to its "savior" Barack Obama. America has been given its last cigarette. This November, it must be flung back into the statist's eyes.

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