Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ayn Rand on the Emergence of a Militant Religious Right

Now observe another influence of philosophy’s power. Observe that the mostly liberal opposition to the anti-abortion gangs is extremely weak. For many years it is the liberals who were aggressive and eloquent. (…) It is the conservatives who had no arguments. Today, on the abortion issue, their positions are reversed. The conservatives are militantly self-righteous, the liberals are arguing in terms of uninspiring non-essentials. The reason? The liberals have lost their moral base, the only defense against the abortionists is a woman’s individual rights but this clashes with the liberals’ political philosophy. As to the conservatives, their pseudo-moral fervor is derived from their religious tenets, which they are now flaunting in public. 

Ayn Rand

It's a very relevant point. Liberals and socialists, who were strong and militant until the 1970s, have since then become impotent pragmatists and now present a much smaller threat. What does present a threat, however, is the militant religious movement, which wants America to return to medieval barbarism and despotic theocracy. On the fundamental level, the Christian right and the socialist left agree - they both want to usher in a tyranny. 

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