Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Smell A Rat...

There is a Dirty Johnny joke that goes something like this:

One day Dirty Johnny was sitting in class and the children were all learning about the alphabet.

"Ok, class," the teacher said, "Does anyone know a word that starts with the letter A?"

Dirty Johnny raised his hand. The teacher was afraid to call on him, but since the rest of the class had their arms down, she called on him.

"OK, Johnny, what word begins with the letter A?"

"That's easy! Asshole!" Johnny spit out. The class burst into laughter.

"No, Johnny. We don't talk like that. Let's move on. Can anyone think the a word that begins with the letter B?"

The class was laughing and giggling and no one wanted to raise their hand. Except for Johnny, who desperately wanted to be called on.

The teacher decided to give Dirty Johnny another chance. "OK, Johnny - and this time keep it clean - what word begins with a B?"

"Bitch!!" The class erupted in laughter and the teacher's face turned beet red.

"Enough!" the teacher blurted out. "Alright, last chance Johnny, or I'm sending you to the principal's office. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mam," Dirty Johnny yelped.

"Johnny, can you think of a word, a clean word, that begins with," the teacher pondered carefully until she smiled victoriously, " the letter R?"

Dirty Johnny was stumped. Finally his face lit up. "A rat! A great big fucking rat!"

Well a "great big fucking rat" is what I smell in NY's 23rd district in a recanvassing that has Hoffman closing the vote to nearly 3000 with not all the absentee ballots, including those of military personnel, counted. Well, Hoffman has resigned and the Democrat winner by default Owens was sworn in and voted already for nationalized healthcare. This after the Republican nominee herself resigned and threw her vote behind the Democrat! What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?

This is what I suspect.

The socialists have utilized the classic Trotskyist tactics of infiltration and fusion to seize control of the Democrat party. Socialists are now using the same tactics with the Republicans. This maneuver was predicted nearly 50 years ago with the remarks of Representative Herlong on communist goals in America (as reprinted in W. Cleon Skousen's "The Naked Communist"):

"15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States."

The Democrats are fully infiltrated; theirs is a Marxist president with few traceable records, and two biographies apparently ghost written by a communist terrorist (read American Thinker); numerous hard leftists in positions of unconstitutional authority in the Executive Branch; and hegemonic control ala Gramsci of the mainstream news media, newspapers, entertainment media, and courts to reinforce the message, to spin the message, or even to neglect the message of their political rivals altogether!

The Democrat party has been fused with the numerous neomarxist groups of the Frankfurt School critical theory mold: feminist, gay rights, social justice, union, and especially environmentalist. The Apollo Alliance is one of the key facilitators of this fusion, along with Tides Foundation, ACORN, SEIU, and Soros' Open Society Institute, to name a few.

The 23rd district in New York was likely sabotaged to some extent by leftists. Such was predictable. That it was apparently sabotaged by BOTH parties is an alarming development indeed.

The people have the whiff of foul play on the part of both parties and a fascist compromise being worked out in smoky backrooms in conjunction with an internationalist neomarxist agenda (read Copenhagen). People can hear a clanging and it is not the pleasant chime of freedom ringing; it is the Washington smelter hammering out our chains!

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