Monday, November 16, 2009

Please Help the Poor Guy

If you’ve never read an article by a mentally retarded person (LITERALLY), you have this opportunity now: 

As a political ideology, Objectivism, which has exerted a tremendous influence on the American right, is a vulgar inversion of vulgar Marxism; it teaches that all economic (and moral) value is the creation (and province) of rich people, while everybody and everything else (the poor, of course, but also workers and the government) is in every way a parasite. The proof of the superiority of the rich? They have more money.

P.S. Look, guys, can you collect some dough and send to this poor mentally challenged fellow for treatment? We have this duty to our fellow men, right? 

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Reasonsjester said...

Marxists like to call Marxism that has been proven wrong "vulgar" Marxism. If that is the game, well they might as well just call it all "Vulgar Marxism." From the (Ricardian) Labor Theory of Value to the non-falsifiable rubbish about dialectical materialism to "communism" first arriving in industrially backwards Russia before advanced countries like England - the entire Marxist scatalogue is filled with nothing but one shitty lie after another. Perhaps that is why professors love it so much - they roll around in the shit like hogs and snort whenever someone points out that they are rolling around in shit. Well, Marxist friends, you are rolling around in shit.