Monday, November 16, 2009

The Russians Go All In On Green

In a direct challenge to the decadent United States, the Russians have suddenly gone all in - on green. It is clear to the Russians that Obama isn't familiar with the their own particular brand of roulette, hence the resounding chorus from the left of "Oba mao! Oba mao!"

Has the flaky green left infiltrated this former superpower? Have the Russkies suddenly switched from goose-stepping menaces to cappuccino-sipping recycle-fairies? Why would a former Soviet titan whose manufacturing base is a smoke-belching industrial wasteland deign to lecture the U.S. on the "dangers" of manmade climate change?

Because the Copenhagen Treaty would put the Second-World back in business, that's why.

Ever since the USSR went out with a whimper (instead of the "bang" predicted by such military-bashing films as Dr. Strangelove) the Russians have stayed under the radar, preferring to watch the United States and the rest of the West implode in quite spectacular fashion.

Unwilling and even unable to identify their enemies, the West gets attacked by terrorist groups, which are sponsored be Islamist regimes like Iran, which are in turn supported by Russia herself - and America's response? Like Chris Farley of Tommy Boy, with a biff to the forehead and a self-flagellating "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" (Speaking of which, here is Chris Farley as Al Gore and David Spade as Obama doing their rendition of going to the UN to beg for contributions to the global climate change fund).

The Russians and the Chi-Coms have no real interest in "greening the planet" - unless you mean they want to spread the American middle class' wealth around. Unfortunately for these parasites, the good old days of easy credit have come to an end (as Billy Preston put it in terms that even "Helicopter Ben" can understand "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing). Obama is finding out personally that the only drawback to "grinding the middle class between the millstones of taxation and inflation" (as Lenin put it) - the middle class tends to get cranky.

So as Al Gore and other eco-wackos lay out the buffet - (why yes, the Russians will help themselves to some pyelmini, thank you very much. And did I mention Chinese egg rolls? Sure, as long as you yankees brought the visa card...) the left has not gotten the memo that the U.S. cannot afford to prop up the world economy because of most countries' unwillingness to promote market-friendly policies such as the protection of private property and the rule of law. Global poverty will not be solved by expropriating wealth from America and redistributing it from "North to South" as a magazine called "The Ecologist" proposed. It will only result in more global poverty (as oxymoronic as that phrase bears out under scrutiny).

What underdeveloped countries need to "cure" their poverty is to actually produce something instead of having their tinpot dictators run to the UN with their hands out. And global climate change legislation (which is basically what the Copenhagen "treaty" is) will harm backwards countries far more than help them by putting them in a perpetual state of dependence on global government, and more specifically, on the United States. {This strategy seems familiar, doesn't it American taxpayers?)

At its very ideological core, the green movement is not about saving the planet, social justice or even "fairness" - this is just a carefully crafted veneer. It is about damaging the industrial bases of those countries who are naive enough to adopt the green agenda. The hardcore environmentalist movement might as well have been concocted by the KGB (if indeed, it wasn't). It is the Frankfurt School critical theory movement par excellence and everyone except the Americans seem to get it. Radical environmentalism is not designed to save the world, but to destroy the West.

So will there be any serious commitment from other countries at Copenhagen to adopt environmentalist policies - as the Russians toss back shots of Stoli and nibble on Oreos? Of course not. But there is the chance that the Americans will lay down a real monster - one that in turn will bite their own heads off, man.

Even in the face of creating a Leviathan that will devour the U.S economy, the left continues to trumpet the manmade climate change hoax (which is so patently absurd, I sincerely don't know how the purveyors of the myth keep a straight face) as the key to redeeming mankind from the excesses of industrial society. Ya-ta-ya-ta-ya-ta - that's all well and good for fans of the Platonic-noble-lie-cum-Goebbels-big-lie variety. But what good will the left's totalitarian scheming be if America goes to the big dance alone?

When Obama arrives at the Copenhagen ball with glass slipper in hand, courtseying to every dictator he meets, will he be able to find his Russian Prince Charming to dance with? More likely we will find Obama after the ball, smeared lipstick and tattered dress askew, in the back of Medvedev's Russian Volga.


Reaganx said...

Yeah, this jerk Medvedev wants the already near-banrupt Russian economy to go down all the way down the drain.

Reaganx said...

"go all the way down the drain"