Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Absurd Enviroidiocy Goes Beyond Grotesque

Four men from a village in Peru, armed with environmentally-friendly paint, are undertaking one of the most bizarre plans to combat rising temperatures in the Andes--by painting the mountains white. The hope is that more heat will be reflected away from the icy mountain range, which has seen many of its glaciers melting away from increased warming over the last few decades. What sort of eccentric genius could secure the funds for such an ambitious plan? Well, his name Eduardo Gold, and he won a contest. (...)

In fact, the whitewashing was selected as one of the top proposals in the World Bank's "100 Ideas to Save the Planet" competition held last year, allowing Mr. Gold to secure some $200 thousand to see it realized.

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Reasonsjester said...

The World Bank was so insensitive it funded a bunch of racist environmentalists to go paint a mountain white? I wonder what the mountain thinks about his black heritage being taken away from him. Can you imagine the shame of being black and forced to become white because you are 'destroying the planet'? No wonder the glacier on the mountain was melting - he was crying.