Wednesday, June 16, 2010

President Obama and his Merry Band of Glory Whores Seize on BP Crisis

What I love about the pre-eminent legal mind and "Constitutional scholar" in the White House is that he can order a thorough investigation of what caused the oil spill in the Gulf, and just days later, after further criticism, he can declare opportunistically, pre-emptively, and unilaterally that he will "make BP pay" for the entire cost of the clean-up operation and all damages!

First off, BP has its own claims process, which it had been running for weeks before the White House indicated that it will take the claims process away and "make BP pay"! Of course it will pay, but it takes time to process claims in order to prevent fraud, which was absolutely rampant after Hurricane Katrina. BP actually cares about preventing waste and fraud, unlike the politicians who enjoy glory-whoring on the taxpayer dime.

Second, aren't other parties, like Haliburton and Transocean, potentially implicated?

Third, don't we have class action suits and legal settlements specifically for the purpose of handling externalities that arise from civil negligence?

Fourth, if the oil spill was an accident, and the offshore rig Deep Horizon was not only certified by the administration but given an award for safety excellence, doesn't that preclude talk of criminal negligence, or even, to stretch the argument, implicate the government as criminally negligent or even an accomplice?

Fifth, instead of watching the disaster get worse for weeks, wasn't it the responsibility of the President Obama and his administration to intervene expediently to prevent further damage to the Gulf waters? After all, why else do we have the worthless Environmental Protection Agency, the hapless Federal Emergency Management Agency, and a Coast Guard but to protect America from such disasters? But apparently agencies like the EPA exist for little else but to collect fees and fines, if not to stifle the economy with regulations.

There are many questions surrounding the oil spill, and billions of dollars at stake for BP and the American economy. Yet once again the president sees fit to run his mouth before knowing all the facts.

Just like with Professor Gates and the white police officer who "acted stupidly," the president proclaims guilt according to his ideological pre-conceptions (in this case, the evil corporation BP is obviously completely to blame).

And just like when the president stated emphatically prior to the KSM trial that the 911 co-conspirator would be convicted and would be put to death, the president shows either a fundamental disconnect with how the legal system works in a free country or a chilling willingness to impede due process and impose his political preferences against the rule of law.


Nora said...

Listen, the way this has enfolded has kept me giggling like a schoolgirl! I HATE what this will do to the people who make a living in the oil/fishing world but this has certainly made it clear to the left (conservatives knew this before the election) that Obama has no Earthly idea how to manage or administer or trouble-shoot or improve ANYTHING. The handwriting is written in oil!

Reasonsjester said...

Right. It appears that it took an in-your-face example to the left of how disastrous Obama is to shatter their illusions about the fraud. I guess the smartest people in the room are the last to know what the lowly commoners have known for a year and a half: Obama is an unmitigated disaster.