Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YGTBFKM: Obama Uses BP Oil Disaster to Rewarm Dead Climate Change Bill

I would be more outraged if this wasn't so utterly, almost laughably predictable:
Obama hopes oil spill boosts support for climate bill
President Obama tried Wednesday to rechannel public outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into support for a climate-change bill, seeking to redefine an issue that threatens to tarnish his presidency. [...]
Obama is so preoccupied with ramming through his agenda that any chance for pr lubrication will suffice - even the most implausible. Apparently, the president believes that we are "addicted to oil" and if it wasn't that we'd be "addicted to coal" and if not that we'd be "addicted to nuclear." That is kind of the way it works: Energy is at the center of the capitalist industrial economy. Yes, we are addicted to energy, just like we are addicted to life, and addicted to not freezing to death, and addicted to driving to work and wherever we damn well please on vacation (provided we put in enough to earn it). This jerk is so transparent anymore, the only people he is fooling are fourth grade elementary schoolers, drunk and stoned college students, and "Obama money" junkies.


Anonymous said...

I am smoking my bong right now; care to join me?

Anonymous said...

You know, that actually explains a lot.