Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama Declares BP Oil Spill 'Like 911'

Obama certainly doesn't know when to stop making enemies. The president's penchant for agitating all those who fall into his rhetorical crosshairs - BP, Israel, Honduras, the Brits, tea partiers, little old ladies, doctors, the Dalai Lama, for heaven's sake - was a tactic whose drawbacks could be easily afforded during the honeymoon period for the alien in the White House.

But the modus operandi of the Community Organizer-in-Chief to accrue political capital with Chicago street thug tactics is beginning to backfire.

The president's falling approval numbers suggest that many of his last remaining allies are defecting in droves. Obama's political acumen throughout the BP spill disaster has been so flawed that he has only convincingly shown solidarity with those who are guaranteed not to come to his aid - the dead ocean creatures who litter the gulf.  (In a maneuver that only Rahm "dead fish" Emanuel could appreciate: Maybe the gulf spill is a message to Americans on what the Democrats plan to do the oil industry?  But I digress.)

Obama has shown a remarkable lack of political savvy of late, irritating environmentalists with his uncaring demeanor toward the plight of the oceans, conservatives with his lack of capacity for action and leadership, and now the victims of a notorious attack on domestic soil with his lack of sensitivity and detachment from the event's pathos in the American weltanschauung.

In an impromptu (a fancy term for off-teleprompter) moment the ever-so-eloquent Obama recently stated that the BP oil spill was 'like 911.'  Like 911? For whom? The fish?

Understandably, Obama's psychically disconnected gaffe infuriated the Brits, who now want the president, along with us Americans, to give his considerable yap a rest.  Melanie Phillips, in her article It's the gushing geyser of Obama's anti-British rhetoric that now urgently needs to be capped, relayed our president's half-hearted apology: "Obama said he never meant to undermine BP, and the affair had nothing to do with national identity."

But that's the beauty of being an international socialist - one's intentions are never held in question, one's attention to something so parochial as national politics need never be pressed, and all that need be advanced is the end goal of pure, undiluted anti-capitalism.  So we shouldn't be surprised that Obama the radical community organizer is milking the BP crisis for all that he can get - the power to pass punitive new taxes, to enact stringent new regulations in the energy sector, to obstinately push the unwanted cap-and-tax policy.

With his radical leftist agenda, it is Obama himself who is polluting the international environment more than BP could ever dream. There is something dark and oily oozing all right, it just happens to be the sinister politics emanating from Washington. We Americans do need to put a cap on it, and not coincidentally, that looks like it will also happen around November.


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