Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Tips for Obama on How to Hope-and-Change People up Their Ass

A communist Qur’an:
Also many of the North Koreans believe that Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il "created the world" and can "control the weather"

A communist sultan’s seraglio:
The Gippeumjo (translated variously as "Pleasure Group," "Pleasure Groups," "Pleasure Squad," "Pleasure Brigade," "Joy Brigade," or "Joy Division") is a collection of groups of approximately 2,000 women between the ages of 13 and 40 (although most are believed to be between 18 and 25), which are maintained by the head of state of North Korea for the purpose of providing pleasure and entertainment for high-ranking Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) officials and their families, as well as occasionally also distinguished guests.

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