Sunday, December 13, 2009

States Begin to Quell Speech, Crush Individual Rights

Politics is no longer a luxury for us to do in our spare time, it has become a full-time job. Get involved locally, organize, and infiltrate and co-opt the Republican party. There is some suggestion from the case of Nevada that a strategy of working within the tea party movement to penetrate and take over the GOP may yield some positive results. If you can volunteer as a precinct captain, get into the party now and do your best to steer this country back to sanity!

From Townhall:

Our out-of-touch and out-of-control federal government generates most of our political grumblings. Washington is the government furthest away, and takes the biggest bite out of our wallets — to simultaneously wreak the most economic havoc through their complex matrix of subsidies, regulations and mandates.

Yet, the sort of arrogance, corruption and political bullying we’ve come to expect in national politics, has now reached Everytown, USA.

St. Louis, Missouri, to be specific.

Last week, Gustavo Rendon was arrested in broad daylight — right in front of his two boys. One St. Louis policeman threatened that his sons would be sent into foster care.

What horrific crime did Rendon commit? He passed out fliers to his neighbors. He spoke out on public policy — opposing an eminent domain land grab and promoting a petition effort to put the city’s development plan to a vote.

After being held for nine hours, Rendon was released and the trumped up charge against him was quickly (and sheepishly) dismissed. There probably is a legal case here, though: Rendon suing the city of St. Louis for big bucks for flagrantly violating his rights. [More]

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