Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Alert: Lieberman Moves Closer to Siding with Democrats on Healthcare "Reform"

This is an APB for all tea party movement members. Joe Lieberman is moving closer to siding with the Democrats on their purported "healthcare reform" bill, which would essentially be a Trojan horse to complete nationalization.

Whether the misleadlingly termed "public option" is included, or an expansion of Medicare, it is irrelevant because the Democrats will simply find some way in committee or by amendment to undermine the free enterprise system of healthcare that has given us such a high quality of care. If the Democrats truly wanted to "bend the cost curve," they would simply cut taxes for those who want to purchase their own plan, open insurance companies up to more competition across state lines, and implement tort reform.

Harry Reid has said he wants to get some bill, any bill, done in time for Christmas (incidentally, the same timing of the federal reserve act and the federal income tax amendment in 1913).

We must let Lieberman know that the Democrats will perpetually be held accountable for destroying one of the most successful sectors of the American economy all to simply increase the state's power.

If the Democrats think that they can run 1/6 of the economy better than the market, meaning the American people, they are sorely mistaken. Eighty-nine percent of American citizens who have health insurance are satisfied with their care. By contrast, thirteen percent of American people approve of Congress.

We do not need incremental nationalization, which implies the destruction of the market, to get the remaining twelve million or so who want health insurance but cannot afford it. We need market solutions, for a "change," so we can get our economy and our healthcare system back on track.

PLEASE write Joe Lieberman and tell him the best deal he can possibly make is NO DEAL. Lieberman has the chance to go down as one of the greatest patriots of modern times if he can keep the Democrats from destroying our great republic.


Reaganx said...

DO you know this Soviet joke:
"What will happen if communism is built in Sahara? There'll be shortages of sand."
Brace yourself for some "shortages of sand" in the healthcare Sahara.

Reasonsjester said...

Yeah, that's one of my favorite anti-Soviet jokes.