Monday, December 7, 2009

NY Post: Something Rotten in Denmark

Shakespeare's Marcellus was right. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

In this hotbed of homogeneity, where global warming is a sacred assumption for the faithful, 15,000 people will come together from 192 countries to pray for two weeks over what can be done to save the Earth from certain doom. Few places are better suited to handle the throngs of unquestioning believers who will journey from around the globe.

Dissent is not tolerated, and diversity -- in any form other than biodiversity -- is not welcome here. [...]

Even if President Obama gives away the farm when he arrives next week and signs some drastic pledge, it will be a treaty that must be ratified by the Senate.

His Democratic majority dwindles to basically nothing without members from coal states, heavy-industry states and other states where people generally would like to find a job. [...]

Some 40,000 tons of carbon will be spewed getting this crowd together and keeping them in comfort.

That is the amount of carbon dioxide produced by more than 60 of the world's smaller countries in an entire year -- combined.

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Reaganx said...

Perhaps there's something to the Maya predictions of a worldwide catastrophe in 2012. But I think it will not be an environmental catastrophe. It will be a catastrophe caused by the environmentalists. Something like the World Environmentalist Revolution. Environmentalism is the communism of the 21st century. The results will be similar.

Anonymous said...

The EPA apparently granted itself powers to regulate the entire U.S. economy yesterday by declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant. Guess what? The Supreme Court had already rubber-stamped its ability to do so two years ago. The fix is in. I'm preparing for the worst.