Thursday, December 24, 2009

Senate Votes America into Slavery

Will some senators get their asses kicked tonight? I mean, fuck, "that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it." 

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Reasonsjester said...

There are a lot of unhappy campers, but no outright rebellion yet. Just like in 1913, the "honorable" Senators in Congress passed an outrageous bill during the holidays, when people just want to be left alone to eat turkey with their family, exchange a few gifts, and relax. But I think the general feel is, OK, we're going to have a normal Christmas for the kids, we're all going to drink heavily on New Year's, and then we are going to make 2010 a living nightmare for every politician that gets in the way of the "tea party" movement. There are thousands of people volunteering for "precinct captain" all over the country, which will determine who gets selected in the primaries. THERE WILL BE NO MORE JOHN MCCAINS. Speaking of Mclame, he is busy flipping Democrats to Republicans, this is to appease the angry GOP voters who are jumping ship onto the conservative "tea party" coalition (it is not a party as of yet). The strategy for this tea party coalition is to infiltrate the GOP and mount RINOs on the wall. There will be no fake conservative claiming to speak for this movement - no Sarah Palin will co-opt this party. People are really pissed and we are not putting up with any more bullshit. I am doing my best to keep the religious fanatics from turning it into a God & country movement. It needs to be an "enforce the US Constitution" and fiscal responsibility movement. The objectivists are hacked that this movement will not be a recreation of Atlas Shrugged, but what can you do if only 20% of the population currently "get' Ayn Rand?