Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seventeen Stories Obama Doesn't Want Told

Recently, Politico published a controversial story "7 Stories Obama doesn't want told" that has drawn the ire of the narcissistic one. Well, in my opinion, the article does not go nearly far enough. Here are my seventeen stories that I don't think Obama wants told:

1. Obama is a Marxist
2. Obama is a Muslim
3. Obama is owned by big business
4. Obama is against the Constitution
5. Obama is narcissistic
6. Obama is elitist
7. Obama is a liar
8 Obama is a fraud
9. Obama is dictatorial
10. Obama loves dictators
11. Obama is a propagandist
12. Obama is un-American
13. Obama is inarticulate without a teleprompter
14. Obama is economically clueless
15. Obama is historically illiterate
16. Obama is a puppet
17. Obama is a traitor

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