Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Latest Gift from the Church of the Environment

Avatar is a must-see as a prime example of envirofascist mentality. I don’t want to write a spoiler, so I won’t give any details. The flick features a triumph of nature, magic and irrational savage tribes over reason and an advanced industrial civilization. 
Shit, I’m so fucking sick and tired of the noble savage fallacy. Someday I’ll shoot a movie where savages (qua savages) will be shown as they really are – barbarous and bloodthirsty, with all paraphernalia present – cannibalism, human sacrifices, a lack of any science and culture etc. 


Reasonsjester said...

Please shoot that movie ASAP, that Rousseauian honanism needs to die a hard death.

Nora said...

I second the motion. I am really sick of these wealthy douchbags and their romantic ideas. They wouldn't last an hour in a world run by those they romaticize.