Saturday, December 19, 2009

Open Letter to the U.S. Senate Regarding the Impending Healthcare Vote

I faxed the following to ten key Senators as they consider voting for the Senate version of the so-called "healthcare reform" bill":

As you stand on the precipice of plunging our nation into fiscal and economic ruin, all in the name of accruing more federal power, consider that your plan to "reform healthcare" will ultimately backfire.

Adam Smith once wrote that "there is a deal of ruin in a nation." This is demonstrated by the federal government's war on free market capitalism for nearly one hundred years. But the goose that laid the golden eggs is dead. You killed it. Congratulations.

But now you and your colleagues plod ahead as if the trajectory of spending you have embarked upon is somehow sustainable. You implore people to continue spending imaginary money, as if this were the engine of a sensible political economy.

Even as it is apparent to any economist worth his salt that the government needs to stimulate productivity, you intend to throttle industry with the increasingly belligerent EPA. Even as the engine of growth in a modern economy is technological progress, the Department of Education has forged ahead with destroying math and science education in this country. The government has done all this while parroting big lies about manmade global warming that defy any rational or scientific credulity.

As you plunge our nation into ruin, consider that you are presiding over a sinking ship. Any socialist fantasy the Democrats, or their consorts in the Republican party, might be entertaining is nothing less than ideological subversion, an ephemeral pied piper that will lead this country to its inglorious downfall.

So go ahead, accept your bribes and political favors. Cast your vote for healthcare and cap-and-trade and stroll out to your limousines or to your private jets. In your guts you will know you are traitors, and no amount of revisionist history will ever erase the suffering you will exact on mankind due to your narcissistic hubris.

This page of history is not yet written, and you have the chance to defy the recent track record of the Congress, which suggests that you will sell the American people out. Vote the right way, and you might be able to walk upright like a man, instead of slithering back to your district like a snake.

And to quote President Obama, taxpayers are also "keeping score."


Nora said...

Love the letter. I met someone the other day who claimed she was 'a bleeding heart liberal but it's getting harder to be one, every day.' I just hope enough people jump Obama's ship before it's too late.

Reaganx said...

Some may suggest it's time to use guns, not words, in this kind of battle. The problem is that in a sane society (such as the revolutionary colonies in the 18th century) a revolution against despotism happens automatically, as it were, exactly because it's sane. But in a sick society a revolution won't help. Only making it well again will.