Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beware the Police State's Good Cop-Bad Cop Routine

The scissors strategy and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution 
The fury of the American people has been unleashed and has found itself directed at an intractable void. They find themselves swinging blindly at the two parties who have defined the "democratic" paradigm for Americans for many generations.  In this gaping void are the remains of the Constitution that defined America's political order, shredded by the nationalists' and the socialists' "scissors strategy."

The scissors strategy is mentioned by former KGB agent Anatoly Golitsyn in his work New Lies For Old (available online).

“Thus the scissors strategy will develop logically into the 'strategy of one clenched fist' to provide the foundation and driving force of a world communist federation.”

The Democrats' and Republicans' good cop-bad cop routine
The vilified Bush administration, which established yet another police state organ through the Patriot Act, the KGB-like "Department of Homeland Security," has given way to the triumphal herald of the "stranger," the amorphous deceiver and socialist agitator Barack Obama.  President Obama has not only continued the un-American and unconstitutional police state policies of Bush, but has added to them by organizing a circle of so-called "czars," the effective equivalent of the Soviet Politburo.

The good cop "Democrats" and the bad cop "Republicans" routine has been exposed by the nascent tea party movement,  and now the two statist parties are preparing to quell the uppity masses with shady electoral techniques developed decades ago by communists.  But a few such examples are California's Prop 14, the absentee ballot electioneering proposed in Wisconsin, and the murmurs of a mandatory registration not only of all Americans, but of illegal aliens.

A hijacking in progress?
We must not be fooled by the Republicans' phony outrage at violations of the Constitution, as they do nothing to counter the rapes of the American people known as the stimulus bill and the "healthcare reform bill," as much as we conservatives, libertarians, and objectivists may loathe and seek to defeat the emboldened radicals in the Democrat party.

The Republic has been truly bled to death with a thousand papercuts, the victim of the statists' "scissor strategy." Replenishing the tree of liberty hopefully will not require real blood, but we should steel ourselves for the attempted hijacking of the nation by the Constitution's violators and the government's usurpers.  The only thing we can do is hijack one of the parties, the Republican party, before an illegitimate government hijacks our country first.

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