Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is Socialism?

Socialism states that for everyone to agree, all opposition must be silenced.

Socialism is the lie that if the state becomes all-encompassing, it will disappear.

Socialism is the argument that freedom is the enslavement of man by the mob.

Socialism is the view that if politicians are all-caring, then coercion can be compassionate.

Socialism is the idea that to attain the popular will, all authority must be centralized and put in the hands of elites.

Socialism is the democratic ideal that your opinion doesn't really matter.

Socialism holds we are all controlled by our material environments, excepting socialists, of course.

Socialism claims that our point of view is determined by class, race, and gender, but our individual characteristics are irrelevant.

Socialism is the exaltation of the mediocre and the desecration of the heroic.

Socialism is the reward of failure and the punishment of success.

Socialism holds that the exercise of judgment is inherently discriminatory.

Socialism is the argument that any choice is a false choice.

Socialism is the view that history and knowledge is reactionary.

Socialism sees the destruction of everything old as a cleansing act.

Socialism holds that the collapse of civilization is the secular Rapture.

Socialism is the erasure of the individual for the good of humanity.


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Another one -
Socialism is the belief that a secular religion that sentences millions of heretics to death is more humane than a religion with hundreds or thousands of such victims.