Friday, April 23, 2010

The Ideology of the Infantile

 In the eyes of "progressives," without a paternal god or maternal state to nurture his every emotional and spiritual need, man would crumple up into a fetal position and accept the fate of living on borrowed time at the expense of others, including those not even born yet.

But the conceit of altruism is that it does not ultimately lead to the benefit of all, but exclusively the political class. If only man would agree to legalize theft for his own benefit, instead of living his own life and trading his goods and labor as he sees fit, then the parasitical middle men of the state could get their cut for directing the utopian technocratic state of their machinations.

What a glorious day that will be when we all bow down and worship the bureaucrats who assist us in our self-sacrifice for the nebulous "common good"!

By extension, the crux of the leftist worldview is that the non-action of withholding one's life and labor from the state or the mob is inherently "evil" by association with the epithet "selfish."

One can infer this moral outlook by the visceral reaction of the parasites to the hubris of a man claiming to live for himself alone; the affirmation of one's individuality is an act of defiance too much to bear for those who would mold the shapeless mass of humanity like so much clay.

All barriers must be broken down if we are to realize the progressive's high ideal of a passive, collectivist, fatalistic blob of feckless humanity - rationality, the self, the desire to achieve by one's own standards, these must all be jettisoned; along with judgment, standards, and morality itself.

In direct opposition to the presumptions of the self-defined intelligentsia is the idea that we individuals don't really need these presumed elites at all. We have our own minds, and we intend to use them.

Beyond the individualism that is a principle tenet of Rand's philosophical system, at the very core is the bedrock assumption that there is a reality that exists outside the self. This even more directly threatens the free hand of the scheming parasites who would have us erect a Tower of Babel to their god of equality.

Such "arrogance" that objective reality opposes our wishes and whims is what really drives the existentialists over the edge. They are emotionally unable to deal with the implications of this view, that is, Aristotelian ontology; and instead cling to the passive teleology of Marx and Hegel, who quite brazenly assert that mankind will progress whether he likes it or not. All the individual has to do is sit back and let the statists and the socialists dictate terms for his surrender, and all will be paradisaical.

Well, I reject such a view, and subscribe to that of the 'flat' character of John Galt, who has curiously picked up quite a following as of late. Ayn Rand made a hero of the individual who seeks to live according to rationality, labor and trade to sustain his own life, leave his fellow man to succeed or fail in his own personal quest to achieve happiness, to fail on the merits or due to the inherent limits of objective reality itself.

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