Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why the New World Order Will Fail

The New World Order business is overblown because countries like Russia and China are nationalistic and are not about to cede their sovereignty to an Anglo-Saxon-led "New World Order." It might be more accurate to call it a "Half-World Order."

The ambitions of the Tri-Lat Commission, Bilderburgers, Soros et al. and CFR will fail for the same reasons that a republic without a strong centralized government would fail, as the Federalist Papers explain so well.

There is always jealousy for power and a scramble at the top with such schemes. The quarreling parties eventually part ways and there is either a retraction from the alliance or war. People are fundamentally self-interested; this is a truth that transcends the scheming of socialists, whose alleged vision of a world of altruists is unfounded.

By extension, when you have a "democracy" of nations, it will fail, because it merely turns into the type of anarchy that characterizes international relations as we see it now.

Other alternatives - a dictatorship led by an Obama-like figure who heads a world communist union would lead to the Ubermachtfuehrer's murder by one of his Praetorian guards or rebellion by jealous parties.

Tyrannies and democracies are both short-lived, as Aristotle points out.

The more centralized the power the greater the struggle at the top, and more chaos resulting from unintended consequences occurs on the periphery.

Without a market system and a transparent pricing mechanism, control-freak bureaucrats are flying blind when it comes to the allocation of resources to satisfy demand. And demand is more than what people want, it is what they require to prevent them from alienation, a decline in productivity, and ultimately, revolt.

So we can adapt this theoretical framework to the situation we see now on a microcosmic scale in the United States.

As Washington centralizes power over the states and economy, it alienates states as scarce resources are not allocated justly to satisfy demand, and the economy is divied up for patron-client reasons. Ultimately, this means unions and blue states receive the lion's share of resources stolen from taxpayers.

The process typically terminates in secession and civil war, which establishes a tyranny or rival states and/or confederations.

What it takes to forecast what happens in a given state in this state of crisis requires a great deal of military analysis, and the assessment of loyalty and commitment to fighting for a given cause. One has to be able to gauge and project the future morale and resources of both military troops and civilians. Even the best generals fail to predict what happens when the theoretical turns into actual armed open conflict.

It should be pointed out that in the American revolution, less than twenty percent of colonialists were involved in the supplying and fighting of British troops and Hessian mercenaries in the colonies' secession from Great Britain. Morale and supply lines played a crucial role.

The point is that the Republicans and Democrats are playing a dangerous game if they think they can pull off a New World Order by fiat. It is not the fait accompli that some people perceive it to be.

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