Friday, April 2, 2010

Real Americans to Democrats: "The Garbage Being Whipped Up in D.C." is You

Maxine Waters has got to be the poster-child of vapid Democrats who need to be removed from office at the nearest possible convenience. If not, she ought to be.

Witness this exchange, which is the effective equivalent of a Slim Whitman record in Mars Attacks to anyone still registering brainwaves.

Mika Brzezinki, daughter of notorious one-worlder Zbigniew the Merciless, set the Maxine Pad up for her slobbering rant by framing tea party protests as "the garbage being whipped up in D.C." - presumably meaning us uncouth rabble-rousers who are concerned about the $100,000,000,000,000 in future debt.

Well, honey, the only "garbage" being whipped up in Washington is legalized inter-generational theft and the motley crue of lizard-faced freakazoids in the Democrat party. "V" is turning out to be less science-fictiony than the news media, whose phasers seem to be set to bull**** 24/7.

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