Saturday, April 10, 2010


If ever there were suspicious circumstances surrounding an aircraft tragedy, one of nearly unprecedented proportions, it is this one.  The Polish President Lech Kaczynski, members of the Central Bank, and several high-ranking Polish military and civilian officers were killed in a plane crash due to "pilot error" while en route from Warsaw, Poland to Smolensk, Russia. 

According to BBC News, among the list of fatalities:

[Senior officials killed]...included the army chief of staff Gen Franciszek Gagor, central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer.

The Polish delegation was scheduled to attend a memorial of the Katyn Forest Massacre of March 5, 1940. 

The massacre was brought about by Resolution P.13/144 of the Soviet Central Committee:

Resolution 144 - March 5, 1940 regarding the matter submitted by the NKVD USSR

I. To instruct the NKVD of the USSR that:

[T]he cases of 14,700 people - former Polish Army officers, government officials, landowners, policemen, intelligence agents, military policemen, homesteaders and jailers remaining in the camps for prisoners of war [...]

The responsibility for consideration of the cases and passing of the resolution to be laid on three comrades: Merkulov, Kobulov and Bashtakov (Head, 1st Special Division of the NKVD of the USSR).

The Polish officials would later be executed by firing squad and deposited in a mass burial. The Soviets would hide the truth for decades, finally admitting to the international war crime in 1989.

As several KGB defectors have testified, in world politics there are no coincidences.  The international press, being the lapdogs of world communists that they are, will likely not report any FSB fingerprints surrounding this tragic "accident." But those true journalists remaining should investigate the matter, for this disaster has the stench of Russian intelligence mockery.


Reaganx said...

The FSB conspiracy version is tempting indeed but, given my anti-Putin emotional attachments, I'm trying to fight the temptation and approach the matter with a cool head.
Here’s a post by an independent aircraft specialist who’s saying that Russian air navigation authorities are likely to have given the Poles wrong weather data (it is not clear if it was because of negligence, foolishness or “evil conspiracy”).
There are indeed many bizarre things going on. Georgian TV channel Imedi released a strange fake report about a Russian invasion some time ago and – BINGO! – the report contained fake information about the Polish president being killed in a plane crash along with the Georgian one. A strange coincidence indeed!
As to cui prodest, some bloggers pointed out that the crash effectively replaces the pro-Western Kaczynski with the parliament speaker, who’s a pro-Russian guy.,_Most_Of_Government.html
But since he’s only acting president and a new president will be elected, I wouldn’t trust that version.
Now I’m not inclined to trust the conspiracy version - it fails the Occam razor test. Compare with the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings, which some attributed to FSB but facts solidly prove that they were bombed by Wahhabis. Despite my hatred for FSB and the fact that this organization is indeed capable of hideous atrocities, I think it just doesn’t make sense for the Kremlin and FSB to do that stuff. Far from gaining any political influence in Poland, the Kremlin would only have made the Poles more anti-Kremlin than ever. Some say it’s because of Putin’s personal “revenge” upon the “anti-Russian” Polish president but I don’t think he’s already reached THAT stage of idiocy.

Reaganx said...

Also consider that these Tu planes are Soviet-era junk and there have been many Tu airliner crashes already. It's unsafe to fly them.

Reaganx said...

As to facts, in other atrocities FSB IS certainly involved - such as the murders of Litvinenko and Politkovskaya.
But I don't think they are involved in this one.

Reasonsjester said...

Alright, I'll keep an open mind and see what the facts say when more start coming in.