Thursday, April 1, 2010

Know Your Enemy I: Matyas Rakosi

It is time to dispel of the illusion that the United States government is being run by patriotic freedom-lovers who abide by the Constitution and care about the citizenry. This first in a series of exposes will show exactly what happens to countries that are overrun by socialists; their tactics, their wanton indiscriminacy for law and morality, their shady, secretive dealings, and their subtle manipulation of public opinion.

We patriots are many, and we are strong, but the false image of our enemies must be broken if we are to succeed in defeating our opposition. They are not altruistic, compassionate, or kind. They are ruthless, methodical, and a menace to any free society. Their lies must no longer be tolerated. As long as we have freedom of speech and assembly, we must rely on our ability to organize a mass movement against the socialists in power using truth and our quickly evaporating political rights.

"Portrait of a Tyrant" describes the tactics of one Mátyás Rákosi, a Soviet-installed communist henchman who came to power in post-war Hungary. The short piece provides many lessons to those facing off against the socialist thugs of the current American  regime. Pay particular attention to the manner in which he defrauded the Hungarian people in the elections (think ACORN and mandatory voter registration), the way the communists infiltrated their opposition and subverted them (think spineless Republicans), and their "salami tactics," which were used to split off their opposition into factions (think Republican party and the "extremist" tea party movement).

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