Friday, March 26, 2010

Harry Reid Votes Against Healthcare Bill - Twice

Harry Reid, in his usual state of mental turpor, cast a vote against the Senate reconciliation bill, twice, before changing his vote to "yes." Reid then proclaimed the bill a new "Bill of Rights."

This is a revelatory statement.

The Democrats have by fiat declared the old Bill of Rights obsolete, to be replaced by a social welfare state encompassing the entire people, passed by the legislative branch in violation of its delegated Constitutional powers, signed by the Executive Branch with legislative amendment by Executive Order, in violation of its delegated Constitutional powers, and apparently to be tacitly rubber-stamped by a Judicial Branch with the implicit authority to adjudicate Constitutional questions.

The Constitutionally authorized process for altering the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is by Amendment. The Amendment process entails passage by TWO-THIRDS OF BOTH HOUSES and ratification by THREE-FOURTHS of all state legislatures.

There is no way this healthcare bill, unauthorized by Article I, Section 8 of delegated powers to the Congress, passes the litmus test clearly provided by the Constitution on how the federal government makes law. If the Judicial Branch does not draw a line of demarcation on this bill, that it is unconstitutional and violates our civil liberties, legitimate government in the United States is dead.

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