Thursday, March 11, 2010

Virginia, Birthplace of Liberty, To Pass Bill To Ban Mandated Purchase of Insurance!

This is how state's rights is supposed to work! Virginia, the birthplace of such men as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, appears poised to strike a blow for liberty on behalf of the people and the states by refusing to abide by any mandate issued by the national government for the citizens of Virginia to purchase health insurance. If passed into law by the newly elected governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell, it would be a clarion call to the American people on how to avoid the civil disorder that would inevitably proceed from the Democrats' tyrannical plans to pass a "healthcare reform" bill intended to hijack one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

Robert G. Marshall, who sponsored the Virginia bill, gave this blistering comment in rebuttal to the Democrats' plans:

"Mobsters used to offer ‘protection’ to business owners, so when Congress says that if individuals don’t become customers of businesses that contribute to them, to me that crosses the line. For me, it is hard to distinguish what is going on in Washington, D.C. from criminal activity."

Verification comes from The Washington Post:

The Virginia General Assembly has given final approval to a bill that would make it illegal for the government to require individuals to purchase health insurance, a measure intended to conflict with Democratic efforts to reform health care in Washington. 

Thirty-four other states are weighing similar legislation to block the individual mandate, which is an element of bills that have passed both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. But Virginia is the first state to complete legislative action on such a bill.

Such would be the wisest legislation passed by a state in defense of its rights and those of its citizens in recent memory. The last such rebellion against the ever-expanding power of the national government came in 2007, when several states refused through legislation to implement the Real ID program. This precedent in and of itself is important, since such senators as Republican ne'erdowell Lyndsey Graham and the slimiest of the Democrat slime Chuck Schumer are collaborating on a comprehensive "immigration reform" bill that would pave the path to a National ID system.

Of course, the passage of a "healthcare reform" bill would accomplish the same thing as Real ID by implication, as a central database of medical records (ostensibly to be provided by our fascist friends at General Electric and Google) would be at the disposal of government bureaucrats and politicians, and by implication, their corporate pals. The centralization of medical records would inevitably lead to an alarming violation of our privacy rights, as our allies the Brits are finding out.

In any event, the salvo that appears poised to be issued forth from Virginia would be an even stronger message to the national government than Texas Governor Rick Perry's secession talk last year, which after all, was just talk. What the American people need now is more action to prevent not only further usurpation of state's and individual rights, but a reclaiming by states of our rights as free citizens. If the several states mulling a rejection of the Democrats' intentionally ruinous legislation follow Virginia's lead, the long path to restoring Constitutional balance in our nation will finally be off to a productive start.

Update, from the Virginia bill article: "On the same day the Virginia General Assembly passed Marshall’s bill, the Idaho Senate also approved the Idaho Health Freedom Act (HB 391), which deems the individual mandate unconstitutional and permits the state to sue Congress or any other body enforcing such a mandate."

We need to keep the momentum going and urge the state legislatures to pass this legal protection of the American people!


Reaganx said...

This is what the checks and balances are for! Imagine if it were up to an effectively unicameral legislature with absolute power (as in Britain) or a dictator (like Putin) to decide whether to reform healthcare. The bill would have passed right away. But in the US system of divided powers, it has taken the looters so much time and effort and they're still far from their goal! First a Republican senator gets elected and the threat of filibuster emerges. Then states' rights come in. Veto and nullification are the cornerstones of the proper constitutional structure. Every force must meet a counterforce, as Isabel Paterson noted. That's why such a tremendous veto power was vested in the Roman tribunes to oppose the gigantic power of the Senate. But if either the Senate or the tribunes held absolute power that no one else would veto, the system would degenerate and collapse.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great, but if there is a national health care bill passed and VA exempts itself, then VA should lose any federal funds for Medicaid and be forced to pay its way completely with zero federal subsidies for health care.

Free Speech Czar said...

Yeah, and I'm sure Virginia will see people flocking to their state. Screw Medicare.