Sunday, March 14, 2010

Of Rule and Religion Summarised

The State of MONARCHIE is the supremest thing vpon earth: For Kings are not onely GODS Lieutenants vpon earth, and sit vpon GODS throne, but euen by GOD himselfe they are called Gods. There bee three principall similitudes that illustrate the state of MONARCHIE: One taken out of the word of GOD; and the two other out of the grounds of Policie and Philosophie. In the Scriptures Kings are called Gods, and so their power after a certaine relation compared to the Diuine power. Kings are also compared to Fathers of families: for a King is trewly Parens patriƦ, the politique father of his people. And lastly, Kings are compared to the head of this Microcosme of the body of man.

King James I, Speech to Parliament (1610)

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Reaganx said...

So stupid of the Stuarts to apply Asian-style despotism to Europe's (then) freest country. No wonder one was made to understand his folly at the point of an axe and another had to flee.