Monday, March 22, 2010

Throwing Down the Gauntlet to the New Left

We conservatives and American patriots have proceeded with Reason and cold analysis to disabuse leftists of the lies, false promises, and sheer hubris of progressivism.

The human wreckage and sustained poverty of the welfare state was apparently not evidence enough to dissuade the left of the falsehoods and vain pretensions that form the scaffolding of their worldview.

We have warned them that their empowerment of a privileged class of opportunistic politicians rests on no more foundation than a naive faith in the presumed continued good intentions of their anointed elites.

Yet they have ignored the history of the world that shows that the rise of a state that is unrestrained in its ability to do good is also unrestrained in its ability to do harm.

With nothing more than contempt of the animating principle of capitalism that one must put into the system what one intends to take out, the left has foregone any appreciation of a fundamental understanding of market economics, which implies that a sound currency is the measure and the restraint of the utilization of scarce resources, whose demand is justly measured by the individuals who seek to employ them.

Through their besmirching of profits, they have attacked all that is demonstrated to be successful and useful to individuals, as they themselves measure it, and insinuate that profit is an end in itself, instead of a means to be employed for reinvestment, future productivity, and the reproduction of wealth through capital's further circulation throughout the economy.

In their desire to tear down a nation that they see as the standard-bearer of injustice and exploitation, the left has erected a state whose lifeblood is the productive capacity of the individual, to be wantonly extracted and redistributed among non-productive parasites, while empowering exploitative patrons who use the tacit threat of violence to maintain control.

The New Left now has what they have so desperately sought for nearly a century, control over the life, liberty, and property of every individual in the United States.

The government that is now synonymous with socialism now controls the health care system, half the mortgage and banking industry, the student loan industry, half the car industry, the energy industry, and has their grasping hands in nearly every aspect of the economy.

The left will now raise massive taxes, and will engage in other financial schemes such as excessive regulations and fines. Their intention is no less than to crush the economic system that provides the individual with freedom.

It is now self-evident for every American subject retaining basic judgment that the economic system we have is not free market capitalism with private property and the rule of law.

The culmination of the New Left's century-long ruse spells the end of Critical Theory - the left now clearly controls the American economy.

What the left has used against the American people will now be revisited upon them with instantaneous, multiplied force; no nation that has experienced true freedom and prosperity will suffer lightly the foolishness of the left's infinite scheming and unlimited capacity for interference.

What we have today is the birth of a new Critical Theory; criticism being the most potent weapon that the left has utilized in its war on the mind of man and in defiance of material reality and reason.

How much more so will the left's main tool of destruction, unending and unyielding criticism with no more than a sketchy proffering of alternatives, have value when targeted against the left's quixotic utopian pipe-dreams than against the most successful economic system yet devised in the history of mankind?

We will have the benefit of having known, lived, and breathed the alternative. The duplicitous words of the left will now ring hollow, as they will not be able to obliterate the American dream and its potency from our memory.

There is no more "truth to power." The left is the power. All the utopian nonsense, the lies, the hollow promises, there is only one demand: Deliver or else.


Reaganx said...

Despite my hatred for the left, I don't think it is the most dreadful enemy. The main enemy we're facing now is the indifference, apathy and ignorance of much of the population, including many conservatives. "Moderation" is a much more potent and insidious weapon than those used by leftist ideologues. Using this weapon, conservatives have gradually "moderated" the country down the path to utopia and collapse. The "conservatives" of today are the "liberals" of the mid-20th century and the "socialists" of the early 20th century. While leftist ideologies are no longer taken seriously, pragmatism (as a rejection of ideology, both leftist and rightist) is becoming so mainstream that to even question it is blasphemy.
While such life-and-death issues as America's cultural collapse and the government takeover of the economy are on the agenda, some of the conservatives are still wrangling over such absurd issues as creationism and abortion - many of them don't give a damn whether the government will take over every aspect of their life but they do care a lot about the life of fetuses - just because the Bible says so. It is a spectacle perhaps more disgusting than Obama's pontificating bullshit.

Reasonsjester said...

There is a lot to be said for your argument, especially the danger of pragmatism and the inane point of view of social conservatives who trim around the edges of the culture while the left takes the whole cake without a whimper from those who milled the flour, rolled the dough, baked the damn thing, and sugar-coated it with frosting for the oligarchs and the orphaned children of the state.