Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life Down, Property Down, Liberty to Go

In the name of "equality," Ed Schultz of GE-owned MSNBC is urging the Democrats to shut down talk radio. His line: "If we're going to be socialists, let's be socialists across the board." Whoah, we stupid "teabaggers" didn't see that one coming.

This is pretty simple to follow. Once the government gets control over the money supply, the housing, the places of employment, and over the life and death of the citizenry, you know that the politicians will abuse the government's power. Critics who speak the truth about their oppressors in the government must be silenced. This is why life, property, and liberty are inextricably linked. They are all banded together in the philosophy of freedom.

Americans may find this out too late, I'm afraid, so please keep getting the word out before the left really tries to shut us up. It is only a matter of time, because the nemesis of all socialist demagogues are the truth and reality.

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