Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Notes on Ideological Subversion

The following are some notes derived from KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's description of the subversion of the United States from a country founded in freedom and capitalism to one heading in the direction of dependence, coercion, and socialism.

Categories, Demoralization, Results

1. Religion: Politicize, Commercialize, Entertainment. Leads to: Death Wish.
2. Education: Permissiveness, Relativism. Leads to: Ignorance.
3. Media: Monopolize, Manipulate, Discredit, Non-Issues. Leads to: Uninformed Myopia.
4. Culture. False Heroes and Role Models. Leads to: Addictive Fads, Mass Psychology.

1. Law & Order: Legislative, Not Moral. Leads to: Mistrust "Justice."
2. Social Relations: Rights not Obligations. Leads to: Less Individual Responsibility.
3. Security: Intel, Police, Military. Leads to: Defenselessness.
4. Internal Politics: Party Antagonisms. Leads to: Disunity.

1. Family, Society: Break up. Leads to: No Loyalty (to State).
2. Health: Sports, Medicare [HC Bill]. Junk Food. Leads to: Enfeebled Masses.
3. Race: Lower the Uppers, Bible?, Genetics. Leads to: Hatred, Division.
4. Population: De-land, Urbanize, [Green Movement, Abortion]. Leads to: Alienation.
5. Labor: Unions vs Society [See NLRB]. Leads to: Victimization.

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