Monday, January 4, 2010

British Parliament Abolished

Great Britain has evolved from post-Roman Europe’s first truly constitutional government to a system based on parliamentary sovereignty and implied repeal, where the legislative branch has virtually unlimited authority over the governed, as opposed to the (originally) limited US government founded on separation of powers. The UK used to have an unwritten constitution and rule of relatively immutable law but its current status is close to having no constitution at all, since the populist tyrants assembled at Westminster can pass or change any law.

Now the UK’s socialist establishment seems to be taking the next step. In a similar vein to Nazi Germany’s Enabling Act, the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill would have given ministers outrageously extensive power to make and amend laws without any real safeguards. Though the bill was amended and some restrictions were added, the provision granting ministers this arbitrary authority was eventually passed. The Times even called it the Abolition of Parliament Bill.

The infamous provision is known as a Henry VIII clause – a tribute to one of Britain’s most cruel despots, who exercised this arbitrary power under the Statute of Proclamations.

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Reasonsjester said...

Oh Britania, how far thou hast fallen!