Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Communist News Network: 70% Glad Dems No Longer Have Iron Fist in Senate

Many believed that the election of Barack Obama meant a stamp of approval on a left-wing program of nationalizing as much of the economy as possible, spending money like power-drunk Democrats, and going on an all-out "charm offensive" on America's enemies. One year in, 7 out of 10 are breathing a sigh of relief that there is at least a semblance of a firewall in the Senate to prevent the ongoing statist nightmare. CNN reports a survey that is going to be really difficult for progressives to spin.

Washington (CNN) - Americans are divided on whether Democratic control of Congress is good for the country, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Monday also indicates that 7 in 10 Americans believe that the Democrats' loss of their 60 seat supermajority in the Senate is a positive move for the country.

Forty-five percent of people questioned in the poll said Democratic control of Congress is a good thing, with 48 percent disagreeing. The margin is within the survey's sampling error. But the results are a shift from last June, when 50 percent felt that Democratic control of both chambers of Congress was good and 41 percent felt it was bad for the country. [Continued]

This is hardly a go-ahead for clueless Republicans, who seem to think anyone who favors Constitutionally authorized government and fiscal accountability (meaning no corporate welfare) is a right-wing "extremist." But add it to the growing list of signs that most Americans (approximately 6 out of 10) are rejecting big government solutions for every problem that ails America.

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