Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Prevents American Patriots from Taking a Stand?

We have the courage. We have the convictions. We have the will-power. But what is it that prevents us American patriots from taking our country back?

Sun-Tzu wrote, "Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." That is exactly what has happened to the lovers of liberty in this country: We have been vanquished without a fight.

Through compromise, through deliberation, through overconfidence, and through good faith in the political opposition that surely they would not destroy the greatest, freest nation on earth we have been routed and stand on the precipice of tyranny.

The "conservative" gentlemen in the Congress debate the worthiness of our rights, as if they are theirs to barter with in the annual trade of favors and privileges that has become our parliament. The nation is laid open as a golden coffer in which the presumed representatives have prima nocta to despoil as they see fit. And behind each one of the smiling thieves stands an armed guard, waving his baton at any of the serfs who would dare bridle at the indignity of being placated with empty promises and bribed with stolen money.

During the inexorable drive to tyranny that our founders warned us of we have stood on the shifting ground of intellectual fashion and have been cowed by the supposed "moderate" voices among us to avoid an extreme defense of individual rights, and particularly that right most indispensable for freedom, private property. We have been cautioned to refrain from partisanship, and to come together with the political opposition for "the good of the nation." This is a fool's compromise where one trades a handshake for a shackle.

We have abandoned our instincts for self-preservation and the defense of our family and homeland out of a concern for the "greater good," as our adversaries constantly chide us to observe. But I retort that there is no "greater good" save what is good for each one of us, and that is the freedom to make of our lives what we will.

But what of "compassion"? That perpetual bludgeon the left bashes upon our heads is the most fraudulent and deceptive tool of manipulation ever devised by the state. Into the pit of "compassion," goes our rights, our freedoms, and our nation's wealth, never to return as the state grows fat and the politicians increasingly unseemly in their exhortations. The entire government has now become a carnivale of teary-eyed clowns, with elected charlatans hurling one preposterous argumentum ad misericordium after another, until the nation is a mockery and the justifications for our laws resting on an untenable foundation doomed to collapse.

What should we do to restore the republic? In practice, no more federal taxes save what funds the national defense and the bare operations of government. In fact, Washington should be shut down and the representatives of the country relegated to discussing whatever few bills they should be allowed to pass at home over their morning coffee.

Until that felicitous time, the following are among the particular issues that must be addressed by patriots who are serious about turning back the disastrous tide of statism:

The Federal Reserve must be disbanded, as there can be no free people whose currency is owned by the state.

The Department of Education must be liquidated, as no nation founded in freedom will have its cherished ideals replenished whose education is controlled by the state.

The abuses of the Interstate Commerce Clause must be overturned, as the intent of the clause is to facilitate trade, not strangle it.

The prohibitions against the private exploration and extraction of natural resources must be repealed, as no nation that abandons the goal of economic self-sufficiency and funds the coffers of its enemies can be truly secure.

Our border must be secured, in order to guarantee that those who participate in the nation are familiar with our terms of citizenship.

The subsidies of business must be terminated, with extreme prejudice, so that entrepreneurs and small businesses are not throttled and our commerce is predicated on the voluntary purchase of goods and services.

Welfare programs must be phased out, so that people relearn how to take responsibility for themselves.

Only then will we once again become a shining beacon for liberty and hope in the world.

What is the response of the American patriot in the age of tyranny? No more compromises. We must remove every ideological justification for statism imaginable and stake our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor on voluntary and rational cooperation based on the non-negotiable principles of life, liberty, and property.


Reaganx said...

=Our border must be secured, in order to guarantee that those who participate in the nation are familiar with our terms of citizenship.=
I’ll have to object to this once again, since I see no natural-law justification for immigration restrictions whatsoever. 1) If the US allows unrestricted immigration, it doesn’t have to give voting rights (which are not natural but purely positive) to all immigrants, so this is not a problem. 2) The only legitimate limitation on immigration is background checks to ensure that people with a criminal record don’t get in, since a criminal (partially or wholly) forfeits his natural rights by violating those of other people. Another instance of the same category is possible restrictions on immigration from “criminal states” – such as totalitarian dictatorships, since in that case one might suspect that many supposed immigrants may be agents of the criminal regime (though immigration of their victims, of course, should only be encouraged).

Reaganx said...

I replied to your comment on taxation, btw.

Reasonsjester said...

I think for 1 & 2 you would still need to identify who is entering the country in order to ascertain eligibility for voting and criminal record. I am not so much for restricting immigration as for ensuring that people are law-abiding and familiar with the rules - though currently those rules entail "go ahead - pillage and plunder as you see fit."