Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Free Healthcare Fallacy

Progressives insist that all human beings, by virtue of being plopped onto this earth, have a right to be served healthcare by other human beings. This is an intellectual absurdity. You cannot have a "right" that compels other people to render you a good or perform you a service.

Riddle me this, proglodytes: If it was so easy to provide high-quality healthcare for all simply by mandating it, then wouldn't every tinpot dictator in every backwards banana republic around the world have done it by now?

The engine for all the goodies that the spoiled, insolent libs want to plunder is free market capitalism, which is being killed by progressive parasites who cannot get beyond the "I want" to the consideration of "How do I ethically obtain it?"

I wish all the arrogant, faux-intellectual morons would start their own country and mandate every "right" they can think of to their heart's desire. The rest of us will work for a living, because that is how life is sustained and wealth is created.

As for those who supposedly "can't" help themselves, let's cut taxes to zero and just see how many can. The remaining clueless and helpless can be supported by pontificating altruists through voluntary charities.


Anonymous said...

I sat next to a chemist two nights ago at a new years eve party and she (a scientist!) insisted that evolution could not be true because she does not believe how in nature, only alpha amino acids could randomly clump together to form dna, etc.; also she asserted the alpha and beta amino acids should be created in a 50-50 mixture and therefore it is virtually impossible to create only alpha amino acids in a natural random manner and therefore a creator is involved. Somehow it all fits together for her, and somehow for libertarians, their beliefs all fit together and prove how the world should be structured, but it seems to me more of a system built on faith as her beliefs are and not on facts.

Reaganx said...

Perhaps you shouldn't talk to shitty scientists. Nor should you think that a paragraph of random characters is a refutation of libertarianism.

Reasonsjester said...

So, "Anonymous," are you implying that a person owes his time and labor to others simply by virtue of being born on this planet with them?

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not going to argue what you "should" or "should not" do, but most people help their parents or other family members simply because of being born into the family; so what is your argument against this?

Reaganx said...

My argument against this is that you're comparing apples and oranges. Most people VOLUNTARILY help their family members because they have an EGOISTIC value for them - not in the purely materialist sense described in caricatures of egoism but in the spiritually egoistic sense. Love and friendship are egoistic feelings.
Altruists, on the other hand, advocate 1)helping those whom YOU DON"T VALUE highly enough to regard them as egoistic values 2)coercing people to help others by means of physical force and violence (taxation and other forms of government coercion).

Reasonsjester said...

What is the difference between stealing the fruits of one's labor, i.e., taxes, and slavery, Anonymous?