Monday, January 11, 2010

Socialist Buffoonery in Venezuela Reaches Climax

As his socialist utopia is collapsing because of its utter stupidity, the Venezuelan Neanderthal is blaming the usual scapegoat, the businessmen - those who still keep the country's economy running despite being constantly bullied and harassed. This time Chavez is using the ultima ratio tyrannum - openly and self-righteously defying economic common sense, he is sending the army to intimidate the merchants who are forced to raise prices to keep their businesses afloat following the central bank's recent toilet paper printing spree known as "devaluation."

The inflation and devaluation were triggered by falling oil prices, which deprived the neo-Stalinesque regime of easy money and exposed its inability to function without a windfall of unearned natural resource revenues. Even the oil bonanza was being used inefficiently, since Chavez repeatedly bullied foreign oil companies that possess necessary know-how and technology. 

Chavez is a textbook example of "pure" democracy aka mob rule ushering in tyranny. This classic rabble-rouser came to power by promising panem et circenses to ignorant trailer trash intent on looting other people's wealth.

In 1999 the Venezuelan constitution was amended virtually out of existence. The senate, a usual safeguard against both presidential and majoritarian tyranny, was eliminated, and the parliament became a unicameral legislature dominated by populist demagogues unchecked by any constitutional constraints. The judiciary, which was relatively independent before then, was purged of all dissenting voices and turned into a puppet of the demagogues' regime. Presidential powers were tremendously increased. 

In 2000 Chavez passed a Nazi-style enabling act to rule by decree until 2001 and thus prepare the ground for totalitarianism.

Chavez lost a referendum to remove presidential term limits in 2007 but in 2009 he won a second referendum that removed not only his term limits, potentially making him dictator-for-life, but also those of all elected officials, introducing a disgusting oligarchy of socialist apparatchiks. 

They never learn, do they? Caesar had his Brutus, Charles I his Cromwell, Abraham Lincoln his John Wilkes Booth, Lenin his Fanny Kaplan, Stalin his Beriya and Hitler his Stauffenberg and over 40 other wouldbe assassins. Perhaps Chavez should profit by their example. 


Reasonsjester said...

Great post. I noticed a number of Draconian measures implemented lately in Venezuela, and could not shake the impression that they were exactly the sort of things that Obama would do if not for 150 million armed Americans and a military that is suspicious of socialist-dictators-cum-lately.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You are a fascinating character - on the one hand, you seem quite articulate and well grounded in the humanities - but then on the other hand, you seem paranoid and stupid, on the level of a true idiot like Glenn Beck.

Reaganx said...

Yes, I am serious. What exactly is paranoid and stupid?

Reasonsjester said...

Blank out.

Anonymous said...

actually, I was referring to your comrade - "cough", mr. "cough", mr. reason...., "cough", jester.

nora said...

RJ is indeed a fascinating character but not for the reasons you state. And just insulting him does nothing to advance the dialogue. You have yet to advance an argument or make a cohesive statement. All you do is attempt to insult. Seems to me, Glenn Beck is a genius compared to you. At least Beck makes statements he can substantiate. You creep on this blog and throw insults, never making an interesting or intleligent comment. You should step up your game and say something intelligent or stop wasting space.

Anonymous said...

so RJ is not fascinating because he is well grounded in humanities? Whatever.