Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Brown has defeated Martha Coakley for Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts! Read 'em and weep socialist scumbags! Massachusetts only has 12% registered Republicans and over half are independents. Your infantile fantasies are going to be crushed in November! Kisses from the extremist right-wing!


dhoughton.esq said...

I am watching Hannity (I don't like Hannity but the English fellow and Juan Williams are fun to watch) and Juan made the point that Obama will now double down on his socialist agenda. We may not see dems back off, but rather double down and go to reconciliation as well as playing games with seating Brown. I agree. Their track record under Obama has not been to back off, but to push back twice as hard.

However, if they do this, I believe we will see an even more dramatic reaction in November. People want to see fiscal responsibility and sanity back in D.C., not more of the same old bullshit.

Congrats to Scott, but the fight isn't over--it's just beginning. We've won the first couple of rounds, but we have a VERY long road ahead.

Anonymous said...

We want the Democrats to pass the healthcare bill under reconciliation. This will destroy the Democrat party and we can always overturn it because it would be in a budget bill and not standard legislation. So I say, jump, if you're feeling proggy!

Anonymous said...

when the revolution comes, then and only then will we see if you conservatives are as tough as you say you are; us socialists can kick ass too.

Anonymous said...

we will see how much your buddy brown actually supports libertarian ideals over the next few years.

Anonymous said...

We have over 100 million gun owners and the majority of the U.S. military (boots on the ground). Three-fifths of the American public is on the right side of things. You guys are grasping at straws.

Nora said...

Proggy? So funny, Anonymouse thinks socialists can take us on! I'm a girl and I could take him down!

Anonymous said...

if 60% really are on the "right side of things", then why doesn't limbah's audience ever grow beyond the 20 million he has been claiming since I began listening to him 18 yrs ago? the amerikan people want something for nothing - they want this mythical world espoused by republicans like whitman when she was governor of nj; lower taxes, less government, less regulation, etc., but when she left office, nj government was in rags and the deficit was up her ass and out her mouth; I work in technology, and most of my colleagues are from india and china; so while you avergage right amerikans from iowa are pushing to keep your country white, right, and kristian, asia is kicking our ass, and mr. brown will do nothing to stop it.

Reaganx said...

=why doesn't limbah's audience ever grow beyond the 20 million he has been claiming since I began listening to him 18 yrs ago?=

Non sequitur. Being a conservative does not necessarily entail listening to Limbaugh.

=nj government was in rags and the deficit was up her ass and out her mouth;=

The deficit was up her ass because of excessive spending, which is opposed by all (real) conservatives and libertarians.

=keep your country white, right, and kristian,=

Please don't generalize. There are many conservatives and libertarians who are 1) indifferent to religion, lukewarm on religion or, while adhering to a mild form of religious belief, advocate total separation of church and state 2) vehemently anti-religious. I, for instance, am one of the latter. As far as "white" is concerned, don't confuse conservatives with white supremacists and national socialists (emphasis on the second word). These are two different things, buddy.

=asia is kicking our ass,=

China is kicking ass (relatively) because it has abandoned socialism (though not completely). Competing with China by doing the exact opposite thing (like Obama does) - switching to socialism - is the height of absurdity.

Anonymous said...

I love how people who pretend to be circumspect on American culture drop the "k" in - as if that means something. That was an old Weatherman trick, to smear the US, and Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright used it too. But it really makes someone look mentally unbalanced, like one is not able to critically think about anything.

What does that mean? It means that all guys like you care about is "narratives" - which is like a negative feedback system where one does not have any check on reality to verify if the way one thinks is accurate or not. It is an emotionally fueled and irrational way of thinking, which most people recognize is unstable and ultimately self-destructive. But leftists take such dismissal of reality as a mark of virtue.

What a twisted way of looking at the world, very much like spoiled brat children who are obsessed with everything they want and everything they don't like, instead of being grateful for what one has got and the opportunities to better oneself and to pursue a meaningful life.

But leftists are willing to destroy it all in a giant temper tantrum, as if that will make the world a better place. If one just "hopes," or "believes," then that will somehow magically be sufficient to turn one of the most prosperous and free countries in world history into a perfectly flawless utopia, able to satisfy the emotional and material wants of all human beings, all the world over, forever and ever. Amen.

You guys need to read more history and less DailyKos. You guys sound like a bunch of useful idiots of this country's enemies, who would like nothing more than to shovel the dirt over this country's face as we economically destroy ourselves. Not that you guys mind.

nora said...

=keep your country white, right, and kristian,=
you obviously know very little about today's conservative movement; you should read Hip Hop Republican or the Latino Republican Coalition or the Republican Jewish Coalition. As stated before, you are confusing the White Supremacists with the Conservatives; they have nothing in common, you ignorant tool. I am Jewish, Mexican and female and I know a lot of idiots just like you from the years I was foolish enough to believe in the left. The left is dominated by people too lazy to formulate opinions of their own, choosing instead to regurgitate the propaganda they so easily buy in to.

Anonymous said...

You are fairly stupid Nora if you do not realize that I know you are Jewish and Mexican by birth; big deal;

dhoughton.esq said...

The left is out of substantive arguments, so they pull out "you're a racist!". How? Why? Because I'm white? Because I think I should keep more than 73% of my income? Because I can wipe my own ass without government help? What part of being self-sufficient is racist? Please help me because I always get lost when I start talking about personal freedom and all you lefties have to say is "You're a bigot!". Personal freedom and keeping more of your own income helps everyone of every color, creed, and religion. It even helps the poor!

I don't think you're racist for trying to keep people dependent on the government. I think you're misguided. I don't need to resort to name-calling to get my point across either. It sort of goes like this around here:

RJ/ReaganX/Nora/Me: "*substantive argument*"

Anon: You're a racist bigot poopy pants! I win!