Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama: Naive or Diabolical?

Conservatives have used many lines of attack when going after President Obama and his destructive agenda. There has been a tendency on the interwebs for people to argue that Obama is naive, lacks experience, is a tired or failed president, or is a man in over his head. Are these narratives on the mark, or are they simply rhetorical devices used to persuade Americans to oppose the Obama agenda?

I believe that many such arguments are presenting the fact that Obama is a dangerous president in a manner that is more palatable to the conservatives' ideological opponents. Conservatives may be watering down the argument out of fear of offending others or even sounding racist by making Obama out to be a vicious partisan.

At the risk of sounding contrarian, I think Obama and the Democrats know exactly what they are doing. The Fabian socialists who are everywhere in the government have been incrementally pushing the U.S. toward the big power-grab for decades. Of course, it is going to be ugly. Of course, it is going to be messy. Will that stop the Democrats from carrying out their destructive agenda? Of course not.

The fallacious trap that most conservatives fall into is in believing that the great majority of Americans think the United States is a country worth preserving as it was founded. To conservatives, the institutions, traditions, and culture that once made America great is obviously the path towards restoring national greatness. Well, the problem is that progressives don't see any such "national greatness," only sins of the past, such as imperialism, neo-colonialism, slavery, what-have-you. From their idealistic totalitarian viewpoint (and it is quite totalitarian as an accurate descriptor), any evidence of wrong-doing is a sign that the entire system is corrupt and needs overhauled.

Another huge problem is that progressives see themselves as simply smarter than conservatives, and therefore they don't need to take their warnings seriously. Their years of school and college indoctrination insulate them in a warm and fuzzy blanket of smugness, which is difficult, if not impossible, to get through. This narcissism is why they will burn the system down; they believe that they can build it back up: Bigger, better, and more just.

Progressives also adhere to a mentality that sees any objections to their "noble" dreams as inherently "reactionary." Socialists, for example, predict that the "bourgeoisie" or middle class would bridle when the socialist revolution comes. This gives them the rationalization to proceed without any heed for objections from the ideologically dehumanized middle class.

In sum, the Democrats will move ahead, with healthcare, with climate change legislation, with immigration "reform," with card-check, and with the inevitable censorship and the disregard for civil liberties that will necessarily follow.

The big question is, can the Democrats get away with it in a country that is majority conservative? Remember, the Nazis had the majority of Germans on their side with the scapegoating of the Jews and the Slavs, and the Bolsheviks captured Russia in a putsch after war had decimated the country, the Tsar had abdicated, and the provisional government had failed.

In the U.S., we now have a strong and vibrant opposition mounting, a bare majority of Americans sympathetic to the ideals of liberty and freedom, and a U.S. military that can hardly be characterized as an unthinking tool of the state. It is one thing for a military and secret police to take on a minority or to go after isolated peasants, or small partisan armies. It is quite another to take on hundreds of millions of people, tens of millions quite adequately armed and more than willing to defend themselves.

If Obama and the Democrats could crush the American people right now and take full control of the state in perpetuity, they would. Right now they are more than satisfied to continue demoralizing the nation, precipitating crises, destroying the currency, and waiting patiently for the conflagration that will ostensibly justify the declaration of martial law.

Convincing people that Obama is simply naive is not going to do much to turn this ship of state around. There is no time for playing rhetorical games while the sitting president is a radical hell-bent on "transforming" America into a totalitarian police state. I intend to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth while I still can.

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