Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scott Brown Unveils Effective New Ad Against Martha Coakley

The Democrats are running scared after former unknown Scott Brown has risen to challenge the Democrat Martha Coakley, presumed successor to the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts. Brown raised $1.3 million in small donations in one night, sending Coakley to Washington to collect grab bags from big businesses, lobbyists, and unions who stand to cash in on the dictatorial and fascistic healthcare bill in Washington (which would mandate that everyone, young and old, pay for healthcare insurance or be fined $750). According to Martha Coakley's own internals (of course, not referring to the ancient practice of divination by entrails), Brown is ahead by two points. If those numbers are accurate, the January 19th election is going to be awful hard for Coakley and Company to steal, even for the likes of their cronies in ACORN and the SEIU.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about one thing - 'How does Brown advance your cause, i.e. Libertarian philosophy?"
Where does he stand on legalization of all drugs? What about Gay marriage, which republicans seem to have such an issue with even though I do not understand why they care who f&cks whom or why; does he want to abolish the tax code or social security? No! You disappoint me - you are pushing what you consider to be the "lesser of two evils," but you are actually hurting the cause of the Libertarian party this way.

Reasonsjester said...

Because I want the socialist Coakley in? Bra-ha-ha! I don't think so. This isn't kindergarten. He is not opposed to gay marriage, or abortion. His stand on illegal drugs, I don't even know. I am more concerned about the economic destruction of the country, as frivolous as that might appear to you.