Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Time for Internal Deliberation is Over

The sunshine patriot nestles himself in the cozy and easily attainable blanket of "moderate" and "independent," while deliberating if the road to redemption for America lay in "experimenting" with socialism, or if reclaiming national glory lay in re-establishing our founding.

But there is only one rational choice for the man who values his self-preservation and that of his countrymen. The time to side with liberty is now!

Those who would believe that the Democrats are the lesser of two evils because they purport to champion civil liberties are deluding themselves. The Democrats have used freedom as a facade to hide behind while they destroy all institutions resistant to their plans of total domination. Social justice is the smokescreen that masks the vision of the true believers, a fog of war behind which the nation is pillaged and plundered right in front of their eyes. The banner of altruism is waved by the ravaging armies of progressivism, and the unquestioning lead us to our Abaddon. Until the romanticism of the impossible is disabused from these dupes, no voice of reason, no clarion call will penetrate the haze that clouds their judgment.

Those who would pose that the Republicans are the natural antithesis of the Democrats, the opposition party that can put our country back on the sound pillars of freedom, justice, liberty, and property, are likewise politically confused. The Republicans are led by statists of a different sort: Nationalists and great power chauvinists who intend to foist their preferred brand of collectivism onto the American people.

Though not as brazen and open in their predilections for ever-expansive government, the Republicans are nearly as dangerous as the progressives because they refuse to take a stand. The dire situation we are faced with may have been inevitable, as lovers of liberty took a defensive position over time, yielding ground to the statists in a process of "deliberation" over Americans' rights and freedoms. But as the Declaration of Independence makes clear, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (and more appropriately, property) are inalienable. They are not up for negotiation or deliberation.

We must steel ourselves for a long, protracted engagement with our statist enemies in both parties if we are to preserve and defend our nation as it was intended at the founding. Principled conservatives must reclaim the Republican mantle, and wield it as a weapon against the ever-expansive state. All Americans still able to exercise their judgment must throw in lot with with freedom, which requires the sustained reaffirmation of limited government under the Constitution, or the country could spin out of control in statist debauchery to our peril and that of our children. As the twentieth century makes painfully clear, in the struggle between liberty and tyranny, there must be liberty or there will be death.

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Reaganx said...

I would also add that another problem is in the principles themselves on which America is founded. Though, fair enough, the Founding Fathers' principles are the closest mankind has ever come to freedom and rule of law, some contradictions that they espoused or did not address were a timebomb that contributed to America's ongoing death. For instance, no true revolution in morality happened then, and a purely egoistic ethics is absolutely necessary to sustain the Founding Fathers' proto-libertarian political philosophy. Moreover, the seeds of statism, though initially small and insignificant, were sown back then (the Federal Reserve, tariffs, poor relief as the prototype for the welfare state etc).
To achieve true liberty, America needs not only to return to its founding principls but also purify and improve them.